2025 Coaching Weeks

June 23-29, 2025

June 30 - July 6, 2025

July 7-13, 2025


Adult summer snowboard camp

mt. hood, oregon

tb snow camps

Summer 2025

June 23-29, 2025

All Inclusive – 10 of 12 spots open

Coaching Only – 4 of 4 spots open

June 30-July 6, 2025

All Inclusive – 11 of 12 spots open

Coaching Only – 4 of 4 spots open

July 7-13, 2025

All Inclusive – 12 of 12 spots open

Coaching Only – 4 of 4 spots open

Progress your freestyle snowboarding at mt hood summer 2025

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Our coach, Maddie Davis, enjoying a break at Trillium Lake after a day of riding up above on Mt. Hood.




We invite up to twelve campers per week to fill the all-inclusive spots in our luxury lodging located in historic Government Camp, Oregon at the base of Mt. Hood. This is your home base for the best week you will ever have snowboarding. Our professional certified coaches have years of experience and will make sure your vacation is amazing both on and off the hill. We focus on your individual freestyle goals and help you learn tricks in a safe progressive environment.




If you live near Mt. Hood, Oregon or if you’d prefer to stay in your own accomodations, we offer four coaching only spots each week. These spots are for snowboarders who will meet us at Mt. Hood each morning when we arrive. You will receive small group coaching all day from our certified professional coaches and you can  join the other campers at the house each night for video movement analysis.

Who is TB Snow Camps for?

no freestyle experience needed

having fun required

(Age Requirement 21+)

able to safely ride a black run?

that’s all the skill you need.
we’ll teach you the rest.

If you can make connected S-turns using both your heel and toe edges on your snowboard you are good enough to join TB Snow Camps. We will coach campers to do their first jumps, boxes and rails in a safe supportive and inclusive environment using the FREESTYLE TRAINING CENTER/FTC summer terrain park at Timberline Resort on Mt. Hood.


already riding the park?
we’ll coach you to be more awesome.

If you already ride in the terrain park we will coach you and you’ll learn new tricks safely. We will discuss your goals and help you figure out how to reach them. If you’ve dreamed of trying a backflip we have access to coach you on a LANDING AIRBAG. If you want to learn to spin we will use the progressive sized jumps at Timberline to help you build up to the trick making tons of laps on the resorts multiple rope tows in the FTC Park.

coaching customized For All ability Levels

We give each camper tons of individual attention. Our videographer focuses on each camper to make sure we capture lots of footage to help with delivering feedback. Here’s some examples of tricks our campers learned last summer at Mt. Hood’s amazing FTC park with us…

small jump - Heath, 40 bc, Canada

Some of our campers learn to ride the small jumps and simply need to gain confidence in the air and land safely.

They then progress to attempting grabs like the camper in this clip. Timberline builds safe features to learn your first tricks on.

Lapping the same jump allows you to focus on accomplishing the new trick. We film you and give feedback all the time.

Some HUGE accomplishments can happen for campers even when the jumps are SMALL.

Check out some clips of our campers on the small Timberline jumps below.

small box - Jen, 37 michigan

Timberline has boxes for your first tricks,  50-50s and maybe a boardslide. They set up an amazing variety of features each week and keep them progressive and safe.

In this clip, Jen pivots her board towards a front-side boardslide while doing a 50-50 on this flat box . A 50-shifty is a great safe way to slowly learn different boardslides.

Check out some footage below of our campers doing some fun new tricks on a few different boxes.

flat rail - Casey, 33 Denver, Colorado

At TB Summer Snow Camp we will coach our campers on metal features of all shapes and sizes. Timberline sets up small gap-on flat bars up to huge complex tubes. Always safe and lots of variety between features.

Progessing from boxes to rails can be intimidating. We will coach you on which rail would be safer for a first 50-50 vs. a boardslide. Timberline has so many boxes and rails to progess your jibbing trick list.

Casey, the rider above, was pumped to get onto this urban-on flat bar after feeling comfortable with many tricks on the boxes. She gained confidence  with every feature she rode and it carried over throughtout all her riding.

Check out some of Casey’s progession in this video below!

MEDIUM JUMP - Nicho, 26 Boston

Timberline builds progessive features that slowly get bigger and might be the right size for some campers for spins and flips. The medium jumps are also fun for larger straight airs and all kinds of grabs.

Nicho is seen here doing a Wildcat flip. He spent time receiving coaching on the AIRBAG on a few flip variations. After landing them clean in the airbag, he took it to the snow and progessed from the small jumps to the medium line and was doing Wildcats and Tamedogs. Woof!

Check out some of Nicho’s highlights in the VIDEO below.

airbag - Jeremy, 51 Washington, DC

Campers enjoy the airbag to gain confidence for learning straight airs off the beginner jump and for practicing their first grabs. Other campers use the airbag to learn flips and spins. Whatever trick you do into the AIRBAG it’s always a good time.

Check out some AIRBAG highlights in the VIDEO below.

Tommie Bennett - backside 360 tailgrab - small jump

Tommie provides clear demonstrations for the tricks your learning. He will help coach you through your first jump, box or rail to more complex spins on larger features. He’ll show you the proper approach speed to safely ride the feature and watches you with a keen eye and has easy to understand feedback for you to implement to achieve the goal. 

Tommie is so fun to watch and be around. He does so many stupid human tricks on so many rediculous Mt. Hood features (including giant volcano boulders!)


Happy Campers Have Opinions

Jimmy Rivas,  nurse 37Chicago, Illinois  Two-time camper

“My experience at Tommie’s camp was awesome. I was able to progress my riding, and at the same time, I felt safe because I knew I had great coaches I could trust. Morning exercises on the mountain and video feedback were super valuable. They helped me understand how important body positioning is in riding and gave me great exercises I could work on back at my home hill. Riding Mount Hood in the summer, meeting new friends, seeing old friends, watching pros ride, and getting coached by the best is super special. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Chris Rosa
Camper 2023

“My time at snowboard camp was great. I was nervous about it being my first year snowboarding and possibly holding people back since I didn’t have a lot of park experience but the coaches were great at breaking things down into stages for me to try and build my confidence and progress at a pace I was comfortable with. My riding improved so much thanks to Tommie and his team and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their snowboarding skills.”